Amparo Fondita

A modern, authentic Mexican restaurant coming soon to Washington, D.C.

Amparo is a modern and authentic Mexican restaurant that pays homage to the heritage-based cuisine of Mexico’s many and diverse coastal regions.

Disrupting the notion that Mexican food must continue to be a caricature born out of the same cut/copy menu template, Amparo’s menu is a representation of what the modern Mexican's diet is, beyond tacos and quesadillas.

Amparo means “shelter” in Spanish and the term has become largely associated with the ubiquitous sense of family and comfort. It is also Christian’s mother's and grandmother’s names. The significance of their names not only alludes to the sense of nourishment and warmth one feels when at home, but also to the term “restaurant” as a whole. 

About The Chef

Christian Irabien.png

Amparo is the life-long dream and vision of Chef Christian Irabién, a Mexican native with more than 20 years of experience working in restaurants across the country.  He has led teams in renowned kitchens, receiving accolades for his Executive Chef role at Calavera in Oakland, Ca. and Jose Andres’s Oyamel in Washington, DC.

Christian has been an integral part of the growing food-for-good DC restaurant scene, collaborating with non-profits, restaurants, food banks and farms in the area to advocate for a better local food system and working conditions and wages for restaurant workers.