noun, (ahm-pah-roh)

abrigo, albergue, amparo, asilo, cobertizo, garita

protección, amparo, abrigo, blindaje, salvoconducto, recaudo

Amparo is a Mexican restaurant that explores the authentic flavors of Mexico’s diverse heritage and regions. Amparo, meaning “shelter” in Spanish, is also Chef Christian Irabién’s Mother and Grandmother’s names.

The Food: Dining throughout Mexico has evolved beyond street food and taco carts to include some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants drawing inspiration from the diverse history of Mexico. We aim to embrace today’s dining trends while paying homage to the history of flavors and techniques that makes Mexican cuisine complex and unique. Utilizing local, seasonal ingredients and the highest-quality Mexican products, Amparo’s food is a reflection of the cuisine of contemporary Mexico, with a focus on its coastal regions. The menu reflects Chef’s multicultural family and Mexico’s multicultural influence.

The Beverages: Amparo’s beverage program seeks to expand guests’ familiarity with Mexican spirits while remaining approachable. Agave-based spirits (mezcal, tequila, raicilla) will take the spotlight, while tipping our hats to favorites such as gin, rum, and whiskey. The wine program will place a heavy emphasis on Mexican wines, wines produced by Mexican-Americans and will include natural wines.