DCist - Christian Irabién Wants To Show You What Mexican Food Really Looks Like At His Amparo Fondita Pop Up

“At the Amparo Fondita pop up, Irabién is aiming to broaden diners’ understanding of Mexican food and challenge the assumption that dishes have to be fried or pork-heavy. ‘It’s a little frustrating that the immediate picture of Mexican food is usually carnitas and cheap tacos,’ says Irabién. ‘It can have a delicate flavor or be fresh and herbaceous.’” Read more.

The Hungry Lobbyist: Chef Christian Irabién Showcases True Mexican Cuisine at Amparo Fondita

“Irabién wants to expose people to traditional flavors, ingredients and dishes from the coastal states of Mexico, of which so much of the cuisine is lumped into meat heavy dishes and cheap tacos.  At Amparo Fondita, you’ll find swoon worthy vegetarian options, sweet and succulent seafood, and the best black beans you’ll ever eat.” Read more.



Edible DC - Chefs Christian Irabién and Adam Greenberg Take On Summer

“Irabién grew up in his family's restaurants in Mexico and Texas and in his grandmother's kitchen. After spending several years in finance and international development, he searched for some sense of purpose and slowly found that in food. He did culinary studies at night while working full time, staging wherever he could on weekends until he felt ready to make a hard left and cook full time. “ Read more.

DC Refined - New Kitchens On The Block gave us a taste of D.C.'s food future

Amparo Fondita, coming to DC soon. See more.


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“Christian Irabién Gamboa is here to save the forever-not-too-exciting D.C. Mexican food scene. A recent pop-up featured dishes such as “the feathered serpant” and “hand made noodles with wild mushrooms and corn truffle” and while any other details are being kept under a shroud of mystery, the glimpses we’ve seen offer plenty of incentive to be excited to learn more.” Read more.